Expect to invest around 300 hours into the program, which roughly breaks down as:

~100 Hours: Optimize Wisdom

  • Core Wisdom: Studying PhilosopherNotes, +1’s, and Optimal Living Master Classes

  • The Mastery Series: The Seven Core Modules of the Optimize Protocol

  • Coach Training Series: Ten sessions on how to Coach, Impact, and Lead others.

This content is available on-demand via desktop and our app, and most is available in audio + written + video format.

~100 Hours: Fundamental Daily Habits and Practices

  • Optimus Breath

  • Being Present

  • Practicing Gratitude

  • Prospering via a Journaling Practice

  • Eating Well

  • Moving Our Bodies

  • A Digital Sunset Practice for Optimal Sleep

We’ll teach you how to do this all in the program!

~100 Hours: Community + Connection

  • Live Coaching Sessions with Optimize Staff + Luminaries

  • Optimize Buddy Connection

Live calls are always optional and are recorded so that you can watch them (or parts of them) after the fact.

And…the real challenge of the program isn’t about time. It’s about LIVING your commitment to being your best, All Day Every Day. 24 hours x 7 days a week x 300 official days for the program x every day for the rest of your life.

Questions? Reach out to the team via email! → coach@heroic.us

- Team Heroic

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