Short answer: YES!

We have had program participants from 115+ countries.

Since the program is completed online, you can join us from anywhere. All program content is hosted on and our live coaching calls are held on Zoom. (We record each live session so that should you not be able to attend live, you can watch after the fact. This also allows you to go back and re-watch the goodness as many times as you’d like.)

And, if you can make it, and when we can host them, we’d love to have you join us for our Graduation Weekend. Totally optional, but if you can, join us! (← It’s an awesome time!)

We’ll be sharing more details on our Graduation Weekend within the first few months of the program. But know this, we’ll be coming together to overcome obstacles as a community via a Spartan Race. Yep! Show up to the starting line and we’ll make sure to cross the finish line together. (And of course if you have any major injuries or limitations, we’ll figure out other options.)

If you can't attend the Graduation Weekend, you will be expected to:

A) Sign up for an athletic event in your local area that challenges you to show up at the Athlete/Energy-best version of you. (Whether a Spartan Race or otherwise.)

B) Find a friend (or multiple!) to complete the event with you as "Team Heroic"

We're ALL athletes.

Questions? Reach out! (→

Michael + Team Heroic

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