The Heroic Coach program is set up to be flexible. You’ll work through the Coach Modules at a time that works well for you.

If you are unable to attend any of the live coaching sessions, you’ll have access to the recording in your Coach Dashboard. (Attending live coaching sessions and/or watching the recordings is optional.)

We’ve had single moms, working parents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, teachers, government employees, physicians, coaches, students, and countless other roles not only complete but thrive in the Heroic Coach program.

If you feel concerned about having enough time, check out what one of our Class I coaches (who was also concerned about time) had to say at the end of the program:

I was very busy expanding our business and I didn’t have much time to do the program in depth when it started. I would listen to the Weekly Coaching training a day or so later, and then at the end of August something hit me…I believe it was the PM and AM Bookend sessions that began the revolution. :)

I then began the process of listening to the Core Wisdom requirements. I began my daily journaling, my Masterpiece Day Worksheets (I am at 72 days straight), 12 minutes of daily Meditation, optimal breathing, eating better, and following the plan. 

The removal of the news, TV, the internet (except for work), social media — and going to bed instead — has created an energy I have not had in 20 years. I’ve lost 12 pounds since September and am about 5 pounds from my ideal weight of 168 lbs. My worldview has changed drastically as well. I look forward to the challenges/obstacles, instead of dreading them. I do the things now I would in the past put off until later. I could go on and on. 

I would highly recommend going through the Heroic Coach program, even if you are a busy executive. You will learn how to have energized tranquility, have more energy, optimize your weight, sleep better, cuss less, be more present with others, use your smart phone and email less and enjoy life and others much more than you do now. It has been amazing.”

~ Ken Steitz, President of EcoWater of Central California, employing over 70 people covering the Central Valley and Central Coast of California

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- Team Heroic

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