Here’s what past program participants had to say:

“I’ve been doing health coaching for about 10 years, and worked in different medical settings, and for different healthcare startups, and I get asked all the time “What’s the best health coaching program to do?”…After doing the Optimize program, I feel like I can wholeheartedly tell the health coaches of the world—If you wanna improve your skills, this is the program.”

~ Tara McCoy, Idaho, USA

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“I’ve always been into health and have graduated from two health coach schools (IIN & HCI), but I didn’t see myself as a coach because my own level of mastery didn’t feel right…Now I’m all over it…I can’t tell you how great it feels to have the real me back in the saddle.”

~ Karen, Louisiana, USA

“I’ve spent more than $50k on many personal development programs in my life. But the $1k I paid for Heroic Coach is undoubtedly the best investment so far.”

~ Rushdhi Ismail, Switzerland

“Tracking the habits, developing the algorithms and sharing the wisdom for living a life well-lived has always been my mission, but now having the ancient wisdom, science-backed knowledge and the practical tools to explain, inspire, coach and guide others. This was the most difficult coaching certification I have ever achieved, but also the most was not just about the learning but about the doing and coming out the other side becoming that best version of myself so that others feel inspired to do the same!!”

~Suzanne Taylor-King, New Jersey, USA

“By far the best "self development" or "life coaching" investment I have ever made - at any price.”

~ Nigel Brownjohn, Colorado, USA

“I have been a studying and practicing personal development for over 20 years and the Heroic Coach is BY FAR the best, most transformational program I've ever participated in.  It contains the absolute BEST, most essential content with very clear ways to apply it systematically to optimize your life.  I thought I was doing "pretty good" before I joined the program, but as Brian says:  "you think you're at a 9, but you're really at a 2."  That's so true!  These days, I know know what's like to BE my best self... the leader and son and brother that I was meant to be.  And I know this is just the beginning.”

~ Ron Reich, California, USA

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