It’s a “start-here,” step-by-step approach to Optimizing.

It's also the best/most accessible distillation of Brian’s life’s work. 🤯

We’ll cover things like:

  • Why they should have called psychology "eudaimonology," and a big-picture look at “the game we’re playing” in life.

  • How to be the leader in our own lives, and use anything that happens to us as fuel for our growth.

  • Why being our best in Energy + Work + Love is so important, and how to do that on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis.

  • How to use our time and energy effectively to create Masterpiece Days.

  • The science that can help us set and achieve meaningful S.O.U.L. goals.

  • Becoming an expert at installing good habits and deleting bad ones.

  • The fundamental practices that help us show up at our best more and more consistently, and an 80/20 look at how to Eat, Move, Sleep, Breathe, Focus, Celebrate, and Prosper.

  • How to develop the confidence and courage required to step into the unknown and know that we can handle anything life throws at us.

All of this will happen via 26 video modules, along with accompanying Reflection Practices, like this:

And Action Practices, like this:

You’ll also be able to join live coaching sessions (via Zoom) to get Coaching from Brian + our guest luminaries (Check out that roster here!).

In short:

The Mastery Series is a super-practical (!) protocol to help us move from Theory to Practice to Mastery, closing that gap more and more consistently between who we’re CAPABLE of being and who we’re ACTUALLY being moment to moment to moment.

And…here are some more details if you’re curious:

What does the Mastery Series entail?
A 26 module, “start-here,” step-by-step training program delivered via 60-75 minute videos. Each module includes accompanying worksheets + practical exercises + guided meditations and affirmations. (You can see the overview here.)

What time are the sessions? And how long are they?
The Mastery Series will be posted on Sunday morning via a two-week-on, one-week off cadence. You can access the sessions on your computer or via the Optimize App. There will be around 60 minutes of wisdom, followed by a brief overview of the accompanying worksheets and practices.

The Mastery Series Modules will stay in your Optimize Library indefinitely. (As a coach, you’ll be able to access them forever.)

Will there be email reminders or updates during the program?
Yep! We’ll send out notifications for the Mastery Series as they are released to you, along with what live sessions are happening that week. And we'll share a follow-up email with notes + worksheets + action items for the week.

How much does the Mastery Series cost?
It's included in Heroic Coach!

Being in the Heroic Coach Program is the only way to have access to the Mastery Series.

If you’re not a Coach yet, what are you waiting for? Join here!!

Any questions? We're here for you!

- Team Heroic

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