In Heroic Coach, you are your first client (whether you intend to coach others or not!).

We’re committed to helping you become the most virtuous, heroic, energized, best version of yourself first—so that you can can most powerfully help others do the same.

In this program you’ll study the best of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science with weekly hour-long classes. You’ll connect with World-Class experts in Live Coaching sessions up to 12x per month, and an inspired community that will hold you accountable throughout the 300-day program (and afterwards for as long as you want).

You will learn how to feel radiantly alive and energized as you Optimize your body, mind, heart, and soul on a daily basis by moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery, focusing your energy on the things that matter most, living in deep integrity with your highest values, and expressing the best version of yourself more and more consistently.

All the tools and practices that you learn to change your own life, can be used to support others.

While you will be required to regularly connect with and support another Coach program participant (your “Optimize Buddy”), we don’t currently require you to coach for any number of hours or to follow a strict coaching protocol in order to be certified.

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