Heroic Coach is a 300-day, semi-self-paced online program. Two out of every three weeks we’ll share a new module for you to watch (or listen to), along with worksheets and actions for you to practice in your own life.

Given that we have an off week every three weeks, we recommend you aim to work through two modules every three weeks.

New Coach Modules are released on Sunday morning (Pacific Time).

Each day*, once they're introduced, you’ll be expected to practice fundamental habits of Optimal living - things like journaling, meditation, movement, optimal nutrition, and sleeping. We’ll teach these all as we go, helping you build your own personal protocol!

You’ll have the opportunity to join live coaching sessions with Heroic Founder Brian Johnson, our Head Coach Michael Balchan, and an incredible faculty of world-class experts—multiple times a week.

And, each week, you’ll connect with your Heroic Buddy to provide additional support and accountability.

Any questions? Just ask → coach@heroic.us

- Team Heroic

* If you're aiming to earn a Certification, you must practice the Fundamentals 5/7 days per week.

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