You may not be the best fit, AND, maybe there's a beautiful relationship that can be co-created.

In any interaction with your Heroic Buddy we recommend taking a breath, channeling your signature strengths, and showing up at your best.

If you feel the fit may not be right, we recommend clearly communicating how you're looking to engage in this relationship and how you're looking to grow in the program. We encourage you to ask your Heroic Buddy to share the same. If after having that conversation you both feel the fit isn't right, let us know.

As with any relationship, let's try to co-create something awesome within the constraints of reality. Sometimes the timing will be a challenge, sometimes our perspectives will vary drastically, and in those differences two people can grow both individually and as Heroic Buddies.

In the past there have been Heroic Buddies who almost gave up on each other, came together, and created a beautiful relationship. And, sometimes, for one reason or another, it just isn't the right fit.

Take extreme ownership, communicate clearly, and know we're here to support and re-pair each of you if that ends up being best. Let's do this!

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