The "Zip of Goodness" and various worksheets for the program can be found within the "Mastery Series Video" of each Module and attached to the respective Coach Practice.

Each Zipped file contains:

  • Module Overview Worksheet

  • All Coach Practice Worksheets (Reflection & Action)

  • MP3 file of the Mastery Series Video (Led by Brian)

  • MP3 file of all Practice Walkthroughs in one file (Led by Michael)

    First head to your Coach Dashboard, then click "View All" Coach Modules.

Then select a particular Coach Module. For this example, we'll open Module O.

We want to then select the "Mastery Series Video" for Module O, which can be found just under the "Module Progress" section.

Once you've opened that, you'll find the Zip of Goodness underneath the Mastery Series Video, as well as a PDF that contains all the worksheets for a particular module.

You can also find a particular worksheet when viewing a specific Coach Practice.

Take the VIA Top 5 Unique Virtues practice, for example.

You'll see that you can scroll beneath the video for a practice to find additional resources, such as the worksheet PDF, and occasionally, a bonus resource.

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