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What is Lifetime Advanced Coach?
What is Lifetime Advanced Coach?

Forever Access to Live Coaching + Advanced Coach Modules

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Whether or not you decide to continue on with the Heroic Coach program after the first year, you will receive access to your Coach Modules (which contain the Mastery Series Videos and the Coach Practices), the Coach Training Series, and of course, the Heroic Core Wisdom (PNs, +1s, 101 Master Classes). You'll also keep access to all of the worksheets that come with anything noted above.

Toward the end of your first year of the program, we'll ask if you're interested in becoming a Lifetime Advanced Coach.

(Note: If you are in the first year of the program this is not anything you have to decide on at this time.)

There are three main benefits to becoming a Lifetime Advanced Coach:

  1. Continued Access to the Live and Luminary Coaching Calls. As a Lifetime Advanced Coach you can forever join all of the scheduled live and luminary calls and receive coaching during those calls.

  2. Continued Access to Recorded Wisdom. This includes the Live Coaching Calls, Luminary Coaching Calls, and Coaching Tools.

  3. Ability to Pursue the Advanced Coaching Modules. If you have earned a Certification and decide to become a Lifetime Advanced Coach, then your Level 2 Modules will unlock on a two-week-on, one-week-off basis.

(Note: If you decide to become a Lifetime Advanced Coach and have not yet earned a Certification, you have the ability to enroll in a current or future class of Heroic Coach at no additional cost as a way of earning your Certification.)

The Level 2 Modules require you to complete the Coach Practices that were not required in Year 1 along with a different required set of Heroic Wisdom. The Advanced Coach Modules do not contain Coach wisdom or modules that is otherwise not available to you during your first year.

Here's what's required if you're hoping to earn a Level 2 Certification:


Complete the Level 2 Modules. These contain practices that were not required in the first year of the program as well as the Level 2 Heroic Wisdom.

And, though the Mastery Series Video is listed as "Bonus" wisdom, we always do recommend at least re-visiting a big idea or two (or more!) each time you work through the Coach Modules.


To earn (and maintain!) a Level 2 Heroic Coach Certification, you must practice each of the following fundamentals DAILY (7/7 days per week), with a couple caveats:

  1. You’re allowed one (1x) “absolute floor” level day (that you define) each week. For example, five minutes of movement, or one minute of meditation, etc.

  2. Up to twice a week, days that you miss can be “paid back” on the following day and still count. For example, you forgot to do a gratitude practice yesterday, so today you do two of them.

The overall intention with the Level 2 Practice Standards is to demonstrate increased consistency, along with occasional increases in intensity.

Here are the Level two Fundamental Practices. (Differences from Level 1 are indicated in bold.)

  • Eat: Follow a nutritional protocol that supports you in maintaining (or actively moving towards) a WHtR of ≤ 0.5.

  • Move: 30 minutes of consistent movement |AND| 10k steps (average) per day

  • Sleep: Turn off electronics one hour before going to bed.

  • Breathe: Three minutes of Optimized breathing practice per day.

  • Focus: Meditate for 11 minutes daily |AND| 25 minutes total at least 3 days per week. This could be a single, 25-minute session, a 20-minute + a 5-minute, or 15 + 10, etc. (Tip: Try adding a pre-bed, wind-down meditation for an easy win on the 25 minutes.)

  • Be Grateful: Complete a gratitude practice.

  • Prosper: Complete the Carpe Diem Journal daily |AND| the 1,2,3 process at least 3 days per week. The minimum is at least a one-word response to each question in the process. (What went well/am I proud of? What needs work/did I learn? How will I optimize going forward?)

We hope that you’ve already experienced the benefits that come from making these practices a consistent part of our life, and are excited to make your prior best your new baseline.


  • Energy: Demonstrate being at your Energy best by completing another Spartan race or a team-approved alternate demonstration.

  • Work: Distill and share the Top 10 in your Heroic Philosophy. Details for this can be found in Big Idea #8 of Module VII as well as the Reflection Practice: My Heroic Handbook. (If you've already created a handbook before, we encourage you to create a new iteration of your Handbook.)

  • Love: Demonstrate deep connection by being a great Heroic Buddy, again.

For Level 3 there will be a new set of required wisdom and you will be asked to maintain the fundamental standards you developed in earning your Level 2 Certification.

If you have any questions on the above, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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