If you decide to join or have already joined Heroic Coach, you will forever keep access to your Coach Modules (which contain the Mastery Series Videos and the Coach Practices), the Coach Training Series, and of course, the Optimize Core Wisdom (PNs, +1s, 101 Master Classes). You'll also keep access to all of the worksheets that come with anything noted above.

You will have access to live calls and any content that comes from live calls (Coaching Tools, Live Coaching Recordings, Luminary Sessions) for one year from when your cohort started the program.

For those excited to retain access to the live calls + recordings, you can choose to become a Lifetime Advanced Coach.

As a Lifetime Advanced Coach you...

  • Would incrementally gain access to the Advanced Coach Modules, after having earned your Certification. (These would continue to unlock on a two-week on, one-week-off cadence.)

  • Would always have the ability to join all live coaching & luminary calls.

  • Would have access to all recorded wisdom that comes from live calls (full-length live coaching calls, full-length luminary coaching calls, and Coaching Tools).

  • Would have the option to "Enroll" in any future class of Heroic Coach. (If you don't earn your Certification at first go, you could now enroll in a current or future Class in order to earn one.)

  • Have the ability to earn higher levels of Heroic Coach Certifications.

  • And will receive access to any future Heroic Coach wisdom we may create. 

We'll share more on that towards the end of your first year of the program.

If you have any questions, please email us!

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