Important: you're not alone! Let's remember Common Humanity.

Before we dive any deeper, let's do an Optimus Breath together. Chest up, chin down. Inhale through the nose, deep into the belly, with an exhale slightly longer than the inhale. Ah, that’s better. 😊

Now, why did you originally join this program?

  • Was it to more consistently show up as the best version of yourself?

  • Was it to earn a Certification?

  • Was it to more consistently do the things that help you show up at your best?

  • Was it to join a like-minded + inspiring community?

  • Was it to show up as a better leader / parent/ friend, etc?

It's important that we connect to that WHY first. If we joined with the intention of more consistently doing the things that help us show up at our best, and we're now doing that, it isn't so important that we're "behind" with our Coach Modules. We can instead CELEBRATE the fact that we're doing what we set out to do.

Now, if you hope to earn a Certification and are currently behind in working towards that, we can look at how you might best move forward.

First, it's helpful that we're clear on what it takes to earn a Certification. You can learn more about that via this article.

Towards the end of the program we'll check with you to ask if you've completed your Coach Modules and if you're consistently practicing the fundamentals.

Though we typically set the deadline that you must earn your Certification within one year of the program starting, we're happy to work with you on an extended deadline should that need to be the case. Simply email us to let us know your target completion date, and why that target date is both a stretch target for you, but also something that's doable.

For now, let's recommit.

Commit to doing one fundamental practice right now. Another breath?

Commit to completing at least one +1 you find within one of your uncompleted Coach Modules.

Schedule a time in the upcoming week that you plan to engage with the wisdom found within any of your uncompleted modules.

Let's use this opportunity of being behind to practice targeted thinking.

What Do You Want + Now What Needs to Be Done?

If you have any further questions or would like additional guidance or support, please reach out to the team at

- Team Heroic Coach

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