Welcome to the first step of the ForeFront journey.

Please follow the below guide to create an auto-trading bot based on HEYBIT's ForeFront strategy.

Step 1. Create Auto-trading Bot

After logging in, click "START TRADING" button.

Please select FF (ForeFront) in the Select Strategy screen.

*You may use HEYBIT's FF strategy without signing into an exchange separately.

Step 2. Agree to the Terms

Please read and agree to the Terms for using FF strategy.

Upon agreeing to the Terms, your FF bot will be created along with a Binance account for HEYBIT.

*You can check the status of this Binance account for HEYBIT only within HEYBIT service.

*What is "Binance account for HEYBIT"? (Link)

Step 3. Start Investing with the FF bot

Your auto-trading bot is ready. In order for the bot to start working for you, you need to deposit at least 1,000 USDT(Tether).

1. Click "Deposit"

2. Click "Copy" button to copy your USDT Address

3. Send the USDT amount you want to invest to this address from the crypto wallet in where you have USDT assets.

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