Appendix A

1. The investment targets of the ForeFront Services are the cryptocurrencies listed on

Binance spot exchange.

2. Each subscription period constitutes 180 days from the commencement date of the

Forefront Services and automatically renewed unless the User requests termination. For the avoidance of doubt, the commencement date of the ForeFront Services is the day when the first deposit is made to the account after the generation of the Auto Trading Services bot. In case of the subscription renewal after the expiration of the previous subscription or after the termination of the subscription, the commencement date is the day when Auto Trading Services bot is activated upon the subscription renewal.

3. The basic cryptocurrency for calculating the ForeFront Services’ performance (earning rate), initial investment amount, any remaining balance at the time of

termination/cancellation of the ForeFront Services, etc., is USDT.

4. The User shall pay 25% of the Profits for a subscription fee(or performance fee) during applicable subscription period. For the purpose of this Section, the Profits means increase of net asset value from the principal USDT amount. The principal USDT amount means the amount deposited by the user during the subscription period minus the amount withdrawn by the user during the subscription period. If no Profits are made, no subscription free will be charged.

5. Each subscription fee shall be automatically withdrawn from the User’s account on the day following the last day of each subscription period (181th day from the

commencement date). In case the day the subscription fee is withdrawn is a weekend or Singapore’s public holiday, the last day of the subscription is the day before the next business day. The day the subscription fee is withdrawn can be changed within 10 days depending on the circumstances of the company.

6. If the User terminates his/her account or our Services early prior to expiration of each subscription period, additional 15% of the Profits shall be withdrawn from the User’s account for early termination fee in addition to the subscription fee pursuant to Section A.4 above.

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