This is Crypto Roboadvisor HEYBIT.

Since its launch in November, 2020, HEYBIT's signature crypto investing strategy ForeFront has surpassed $15 bil. in trading volume and 146.65% in cumulative return with only -11.25% in maximum drawdown.

So here, we would like to elaborate further on how ForeFront has been able to accumulate such stable performance.

1. Test Proven - Backtesting Result: 93% in Return

Tip> What is backtesting?
- Backtesting is the general method for seeing how well a strategy or model would have done ex-post.
- Backtesting assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data.

(Source: Investopedia)

HEYBIT's signature strategy ForeFront had shown the positive result of 93% return from JAN 1, 2020 ~ SEP 30, 2020 backtesting.

Even after its release, ForeFront has shown offensive capability. It is a "long-only" strategy meaning it generates profits from upward momentum during bull market as the above image shows.

On top of its profit generating capability, it has proven its defensive capability. HEYBIT has combined a variety of models to respond to different types of market volatilities.

In a nutshell, ForeFront accumulates profits in the bull market while limiting loss in the bear market.

2. Easy - Anyone can start investing!

ForeFront strategy was devised on one of the world's largest crypto asset platform, Binance.

Instead entering the API Key issued at Binance, you can start investing "within" HEYBIT in just simple two steps. (meaning you don't need to separately register and issue API Key at Binance and come back to HEYBIT! This was possible through Binance's official broker partner program.)

① Create a Binance account at HEYBIT
② Deposit your investment asset(USDT) to the account

That's all.

The rest is taken care of by the bot which auto-trades based on HEYBIT's meticulously designed algorithm. So don't worry about restless 24h market volatility. Leave it all to the bot and live your life!

3. No Profit, No Fee!

HEYBIT makes profits from your fee.

Unlike the stock market which has fixed opening hours, crypto asset market is open 24 hours and our bots constantly monitor the market for buy/sell signals on real-time basis to find the timing for optimal trades.

It costs to make such strategy and execution system possible.

HEYBIT does not charge the basic, or management, fee. It means we charge you only when there is profit. When you can finally collect your profit after 6 months of the contract term, we charge 25% of the profit as performance fee.

Here's one more.

We apply High-Water Mark. When you extend your contract for another 6 months, we do not charge the fee unless the return exceeds the previous cumulative return.

As such, we put your profits first.

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