HEYBIT strongly recommends you to register Google Authenticator in order to better protect your asset. However, if you would like to un-register it for any reason, here is how.

[How to un-register]

*Please re-consider before you actually un-register Google Authenticator as it may expose your account and your asset to possible hacking and withdrawal by someone else.

If you still have the mobile device with the HEYBIT-registered Google Authenticator, please see the following.

  • Step 1) Click "Account info" in your account profile

  • Step 2) Click "Unregister" button in the bottom

  • Step 3) Enter 6-digit Google verification code from your Google Authenticator and click "Confirm"

  • Step 4) Delete "HEYBIT Service" in your Google Authenticator app (Click "..." button in the upper right corner of the app screen and select "Edit" to delete it)

[How to re-register]

If you have lost the mobile device with the HEYBIT-registered Google Authenticator and want to re-register on your new mobile device, please send an email to help@heybit.com as follows:

  • Sender: the email address you registered at HEYBIT

  • Email text:

    • "I hereby authorize HEYBIT to un-register the OTP of (your name)."

    • Reason for un-registering: (ex: I lost my phone, I lost the back-up code of the Google Authenticator, I mistakenly deleted the app, etc.)

  • Attachment: the photo of yourself holding your passport opened to the personal data page, along with a handwritten memo with the current date and the service name "HEYBIT" and your email registered at HEYBIT.

    • The date on the memo must be the same as the date you submit your request.

    • The memo and the information on the personal data page of your passport must be clearly visible.

    • Your entire face and the personal information on your ID must be clearly visible.

    • Your ID must be held at a close enough distance to ensure that it can be read easily.

Please understand that we follow a strict protocol as this is to make sure that the request is from the rightful user. Our customer support team will check the identity and process accordingly.

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