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$hare your HEYBIT experience and Win 300 USDT!
$hare your HEYBIT experience and Win 300 USDT!

Blog Posting Event

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This is Digital Asset Roboadvisor, HEYBIT.

Please share your HEYBIT experience on your blog so that many others can get to know HEYBIT and your experience with us!

We will select well-written reviews and give away up to 300 USDT!

Post your HEYBIT story and don't miss your chance to get USDT reward!

  1. Event Schedule

    • Period : 2021.11.04 ~ 2021.11.15

    • Winner Announcement : 2021.11.17

    • USDT Distribution Date : 2021.11.24

  2. How to Participate (Simple 2 steps)

    • Step 1) Post the contents on your blog that contains:

      • the keyword "" in the title and the body text

      • 5 or more images in your contents

      • The contents must include :

        • What is HEYBIT and why you decided to use it

        • How to register

        • How to create a bot

        • How to deposit USDT

        * You may use any language (English, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.) of your choice. (We will use Google Translator if necessary! XD)

    • Step 2) Click the button below and leave your content URL. You are all-set for your chance to win 300 USDT!

  3. Please be noted:

    • Winners will be selected based on the quality of your contents in accordance with HEYBIT's internal review standard.

    • The reward will be retrieved if your bot is not in active status(investing) as of the reward distribution date.

    • Insincere contents including those that copy others' contents with/without their permissions, that are of poor quality, etc. will be disqualified.

  4. Qualification

    • Anyone who use FF strategy

  5. Rewards

    • 1st Prize (1 winner) : 300 USDT

    • 2nd Prize (2 winners) : 100 USDT

    • 3rd Prize (20 winners) : 20 USDT

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