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[EVENT Closed] Invitation Reward Program for ForeFront(FF)
[EVENT Closed] Invitation Reward Program for ForeFront(FF)

Please check the following details to join the program and enjoy the rewards with your friends.

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Hello. This is HEYBIT.

We are excited to introduce the Invitation Reward Program for ForeFront(FF).
Please check the following details to join the program and enjoy the rewards with your friends.

< Summary >

  • When does it start? 2021. 11 .25

  • Who are eligible for the rewards? All FF users

  • How can I check my invitation code?
    : After logging in, click in the following orders → My Investment > Setting > Invite Friend

  • How can I join and what are the rewards?

    - If invited
    : Enter “Your friend's invitation code"
    → You will get 5% of **YOUR** performance fee back at the end of your investment.

- If inviting
: Make your friends (or just anybody) enter your invitation code
→ You will get 5% of **YOUR FRIEND's** performance fee back!

< Details >

  • The USDT rewards for inviters will be deposited on the next Wednesday of your friend's fee payment.

  • The invitee's rewards will be calculated as 5% of the performance fee amount paid, not 5%p discount of the performance fee rate (ex: 25% → 20%).

  • Rewards are calculated based on the performance fee only. Early termination fee is excluded from the calculation. If the invitee has other fee discount benefit, then the basis amount may decrease.

  • Due to the privacy policy, the detailed performance of each friend will not be disclosed.

  • "Number of friends invited" also shows friends who have already terminated the contract, and if the friend had terminated the contract renews and start investing again, your reward eligibility will revive.

  • "Total Principal" shows the total amount deposited by a friend, and the reward may vary depending on the performance.

< Disclaimer >

  • This program may be changed, suspended or terminated without prior notice. UPRISE Global, Inc. shall not be responsible or liable to any issue regarding the change, suspension or termination of the program.

  • The benefit of this program can be applied along with that of other separate promotion events.

  • If you "delete" the bot, all rewards from friend invitation will be permanently lost.

If you have further questions, please contact us via the chatbot at the bottom right corner.

Thank you.

ⓒ Uprise Global, Inc.

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