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[EVENT Closed] New to HEYBIT? You Get 10 USDT!
[EVENT Closed] New to HEYBIT? You Get 10 USDT!

Slots are limited to 10,000 members, So Hurry Up!

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**Thank you for your interest in this event. The event is now closed.

Hello. This is Digital Asset Roboadvisor HEYBIT.

We are truly welcome, everyone.

If you are first with HEYBIT, please see following "Beginner's Guide" first.

If you are familiar with HEYBIT, please click here to check the contents of the event in the middle.


Since the launch of its first service in 2018, HEYBIT currently provides digital asset deposit service "Harvest" in Korea and digital asset roboadvisor service "ForeFront" globally.

Based on quantitative or data-driven algorithm, HEYBIT strives to provide an easier and safer way of digital asset investing.

With HEYBIT team's strengths in technologies and quantitative strategies, ForeFront was able to achieve the following performances, which of course, would have been impossible without all our users' support and trust in us.

  • Strategy : ForeFront(FF)

  • Period: 2020.11.02 ~ 2021.09.30

  • Cumulative Return : 136.65%

  • MDD : -11.25%

  • Raised $30.4 Million worth of VC funding (Series C)

  • Selected as "Baby Unicorn" by Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups in Korea

  • Certified as an "Innobiz" startup for its technology innovation by Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Korea

  • Won the Grand Prize in the Korea Development Bank Startup Contest

Why digital asset investing with HEYBIT?

  • Easy: All you need to do is create an automated trading bot with one click and deposit. Then you're all set!

  • Time-saving: HEYBIT's algorithm curates what and when to buy/sell for you. You don't need to waste time worrying about what to do when!

  • Safe: The bot monitors the market 24/7 to collect profit while minimizing loss and our track record shows!

  • Fee based on Performance: It means "no profit, no fee!"

You want to find out more about HEYBIT? Please check out the links below:

EVENT #1> $10 for First-comers!

Have you been considering digital asset investing, but not sure when and how to do it?
Now is the chance. Sign up and create your HEYBIT account. All you need to do is make an automated trading bot with one click.
If this is the first time you sign up and create a bot at HEYBIT, you will receive 10 USDT. (*USDT: stablecoin linked to the value of the US dollar. 1 USDT ≒ $1)

[ precautions!! ]
If you want to withdraw the reward, you should start investing by depositing 1,000 USDT or more.
If you do not start investing with more than 1,000, the reward will be automatically withdrawn after 60 days from the receiving date.

  • Period : 2021. 12. 16 ~ 2022.3.31 (Closed)

  • To whom : First-time HEYBIT users

  • How to : Sign Up → Make a bot → Done!

  • Payment Day : the following Tuesday as of the date of bot creation

  • Notice :

    • The 10 USDT is the onboarding reward for your first investment.

    • One user may receive the reward only once, and is not eligible once delete the account and re-register.

    • This event can be stopped without prior notice, and for users who participate in this event in a manner deemed inappropriate by HEYBIT may not be eligible for the reward.

EVENT #2> Invite Friends and Get Bonus Rewards!

There is no upfront fee.

Only when there is profit does HEYBIT charge fee, which would be 25% of your profit in 180 days. So if there's no profit, then there is no fee.

To whom : You and your invited friends

Benefit: 5% of the performance fee (of the invitee) each for you(inviter) and your friend(invitee)

After signing up for HEYBIT, you will find your invitation code on the "Settings" page.

Share your code and both you and your friends will be rewarded.

(There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite! In other words, the more friends you bring, the more rewards you get!)

Click the button below to find out more and get unlimited rewards now!

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