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[EVENT Closed] Thank You and Farewell 2022 With HEYBIT!
[EVENT Closed] Thank You and Farewell 2022 With HEYBIT!

10 USDT will be gifted to the first 2,022 people!

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10 USDT will be gifted to the first 2,022 people!

  • Thank you to all the customers who have been with HEYBIT on our journey this year.

  • We are giving out gifts to everyone who newly deposits or increases their BE deposits during the promotion period.

It has sure been a rocky ride for the crypto market in 2022! Nevertheless, we would like to thank you all for sticking with HEYBIT for your investment needs.

HEYBIT has continued to receive so much attention and love after we released our new strategy to follow the previous FF (ForeFront) strategy. The new BE (Beyond Essential) strategy considers major digital assets and global macroeconomic indicators in response to complex market environments.

What’s important, with all the various market rumors and exhausting emotions, is investing stably while holding your ground. HEYBIT aims to support this cause by advancing its automatic investment strategies for the best return.

We wish you and your families happy holidays. HEYBIT will always be by your side.


In a time of chaos and uncertainty, it is the right time to continue your stable long-term investment by increasing your investments little by little through HEYBIT.

A heartwarming investment support fund will be provided to a total of 2,022 people who newly deposit or increase their deposit by a certain amount during the promotion period.

  • Promotion schedule

    • Promotion period : Dec. 21, 2022 ~ Dec. 31, 2022

    • Distribution date : Jan. 31, 2023

  • How to participate

    • Those eligible for participation : members

    • Promoted product : BE

    • Qualified Users

      • Users who deposit 1,500 USDT or more during the promotion period

    • How to apply

      • If you meet the requirements above, click the ‘Apply’ button below to enter your personal information.

      • Even if you meet the requirements for participation, you will be excluded from the selection if you do not ‘Apply’.

  • Receiving your investment support fund

    • Distribution date : The winners will be paid in bulk to their personal investment account on Jan. 31, 2023







Thank you.

ⓒ Uprise Global, Inc.

※ There is a risk of loss of the principal invested in the BE investment strategy and investors are held accountable for such loss.

※ A firm’s past investment performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance.

※ Uprise Global, Inc.’s investment products, FF and BE, are not operated in FTX.

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