[Guide] How to Terminate a Product
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This is the Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

You can terminate your product at any time, whether it's because the term has expired or you want to switch to a different product.


  • Depending on the agreement of each product, you may incur early termination fees.

  • You can check the details during the termination process.

Step 1.

After logging into Heybit, click on your account at the top right corner, then follow the sequence: Invest Overview > Invest > Click the Bot you wish to use in order.

Please click "Settings" in the top right corner of the selected product and click "Terminate".

The termination time for each product can take up to 3 hours. After termination, your USDT will be deposited in your Heybit Wallet, You will receive an email when the termination is complete.


  • The amount of your withdrawal request will be transferred to your wallet.

  • After you request a withdrawal, it may take up to 2 business days for it to be transferred to your wallet.

Your USDT is stored in your Wallet.
Don't forget that you can still benefit from Earn just by keeping it in your wallet!

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