[Guide] How to Earn and Redeem Points
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Invite Friends and Get HEYBIT Points!

HEYBIT Points are used for trading and investment purposes within the HEYBIT Global Service and can be freely exchanged for USDT.

1. How to Earn Points?

Points can be earned through various rewards programs within the service. We currently have an Invitation Program going on where you can earn points for inviting friends and entering codes.

If you want to know about the "Invitation Program", Please check this article below.
[HEYBIT] Introducing "Referral Program"

1-1 FAQs for the invitation program

  • Q 1. How many points can I earn through the referral event?

    A. The number of points you can earn through the referral event may vary depending on the current promotion. Please refer to the event details for more information.

  • Q 2. How do I enter a referral code to earn HEYBIT Points?

    A. To enter a referral code, simply go to the sign-up page and enter the code provided by your friend. Once you enter the code, you will receive the specified number of points.

  • Q 3. Do Heybit Points expire?

    A. The expiration date for Heybit Points may vary depending on the promotion or event. Please refer to the event details for more information on the expiration date of your points.

1-2 Disclaimer

1) Invitee member

  • Earn points when a friend signs up using your invitation code and completes account verification.

2) Invited member

  • Receive points when you sign up with an invitation code and complete account verification.

  • Note that you cannot re-enter your invitation code after signing up.

  • Points are awarded only after account verification is complete.

  • Points earned through inviting friends are valid for one year and will expire after that time.

  • By participating in this event, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Heybit.

  • Unusual methods of signing up or redeeming points may result in sanctions without prior notice.

  • If you withdraw from the service, your accumulated points will be permanently lost.

  • This event is subject to change or termination without prior notice.

2. How to Redeem Points?

First, we have introduced a new feature that allows you to redeem your Heybit Points for various rewards and benefits. With this feature, you can easily accumulate points through your activity on our platform, and then redeem them for exciting perks that suit your interests. We hope this feature adds more value to your Heybit experience and encourages you to continue using our platform.

To exchange your USDT points for USDT, simply login to your HEYBIT account and go to the points redemption page.

From there, select the option to exchange your points for USDT and follow the instructions. Currently, you can apply for deposits to run bots, which will be expanded in the future.

HEYBIT Points can now be exchanged for USDT and invested in your running bots. We're also expanding the ways you can earn and redeem HEYBIT Points in the future.

Our point exchange rate, as well as minimum and maximum usage amounts, are subject to change based on market conditions.

Additionally, points that have been applied for usage will be converted to Tether and deposited into your chosen bot on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.
Don't miss your chance to convert your Heybit points to Tether!

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