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[Guide] 3 Steps to Start Operating the Alpha!
[Guide] 3 Steps to Start Operating the Alpha!
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This is the Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

If you're interested in getting started with an Alpha strategy but are confused about how to go about it,

Here's what you need to know.

Step 1. Complete Account Verification and OTP Verification!
Step 2. Create a wallet and make a deposit!
Step 3. Choose a product and start investing in the desired quantity!

Let's go into a little more detail!

Step 1
account verification and OTP verification are mandatory steps you must complete.

Step 2,
Create a Heybit wallet and Make a deposit!

>> If you have investments in FF, BE, or FF+ bots, follow the steps below to transfer them from the bot to your wallet.

>> After logging in, click in the following orders: Investment Overview > terminated "Bot"(FF, BE, or FF+) > "Settings" in the top right > "Withdraw"

Step 3,
Choose a strategy for the exchange you want to trade on and start investing.

For further assistance or inquiries, 💡 Contact Our Support Team >

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