[Guide] How to Use the "Payback"
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This is the Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

If you want to sign up for the exchange using the HEYBIT referral code and receive more rebates,

Please follow the steps below:

After logging in, click on Products and "Payback on OKX" at the top of HEYBIT’s homepage.

After clicking "Start", you can see the screen below.
If it's your first time signing up for OKX, please click "I Haven't Signed Up Yet."

Click on "Payback Now!"

Check the referral code: HEYBIT,
and start your sign-up by clicking "Sign Up With Referral Code."

After signing up, please enter the UID confirmed from the exchange into HEYBIT!

To complete the account linking,
you must have executed at least one trade on the OKX exchange after entering your OKX UID in HEYBIT.

If the sync is completed within a maximum of 2 business days, you can see the following screen after refreshing the homepage and receive a confirmation email!

After logging in, you can see the screen below by clicking "Payback Overview".


1. To check the eligible payback amount or receive payback, you need to connect your exchange UID to your HEYBIT account.

2. Your discount benefits are comprised of Default Rebate and Payback. You can check each benefit as follows:

1) Default Rebate: After you have completed the trade, approximately 1-2 hours later, you can check the details through the link below under the sections labeled 'Type: Airdrop & Reward' and 'Note: Fee rebate.’

2) Payback: If you have completed the UID connect, we will send you a payback report via email. In addition, you can easily track your current payback status and view the accumulated total payback amount on the payback dashboard page.

By entering HEYBIT's referral code and signing up on the exchange,
we will share the rebates we receive with you!

For further assistance or inquiries, 💡 Contact Our Support Team >

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