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HEYBIT GLOBAL Earn Terms of Use
HEYBIT GLOBAL Earn Terms of Use
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1. Purpose of Terms

The purpose of these terms and Conditions is to stipulate the terms, conditions, and procedures for the use of fixed income products (hereinafter referred to as "Products") provided by Uprise Global, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") to clients.

2. Effect of Contract

The contract shall be effective when the client, who is a member of the Heybit service, agrees to the contents of these terms and conditions and completes the product subscription through the digital asset deposit procedure.

3. Client Eligibility

This product is available to clients who are 18 years of age or older and have passed Account Verification.

4. Return of Digital Assets

(1) Deposited digital Assets shall be returned upon termination of the Product at the request of the Client. The client may request the return of digital assets within the limit of the sum of the principal and compound interest according to the interest compounding standards.

(2) The interest compounding standard will be announced on the Company's webpages and via email, and the reward ratio provided to the client may be changed even after signing up for the product during the usage period.

5. Termination of Contract

(1) The Client may request the Company to terminate the Contract during the use of the Product, and the Company shall proceed with the procedure for withdrawal on the afternoon of the Friday (the same if the day falls on a legal holiday) following the Client's request to terminate the Contract at UTC.

(2) The Company may terminate the contract midway if there is a provision in the law, if there is an unavoidable reason for protecting the interests of the client, or if it is determined that it is difficult to provide the service of the product due to the circumstances of the company.

6. Change of Terms

(1) The Company reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions, provided that such amendments do not conflict with applicable laws and regulations.

(2) The method of notification of changes to the Terms shall be in accordance with the General Terms of Use.

(3) If the Company notifies the Client in accordance with the preceding paragraph and clearly informs the Client that if the Client does not express his/her intention by the day before the date of application, the intention shall be deemed to have been expressed, But the Client does not express his/her refusal, the Client shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms.

7. Indemnification

The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the Client for any of the following reasons if the Company proves that it has exercised the necessary administrative care to prevent the Client from incurring such damages.

(1) Unavoidable cases such as wars, events, natural disasters, or equivalent national emergencies.

(2) In the event of compliance with de facto or de jure administrative decrees and orders of a government agency

(3) In case of service failure due to defects in the outsourced system that the Company cannot manage or reasons attributable to the client.

8. Disputes

The Client and the Company shall endeavor to resolve disputes through agreement and coordination between the two parties under the circumstances of the dispute.

9. Jurisdiction

The jurisdictional court for litigation regarding disputes between the Company and the Client shall be the court to be determined by agreement of the parties, and if no agreement is reached, the court located in Singapore.

10. Applicability of Related Laws and Regulations

Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations unless otherwise specified, and if there is no specification in the relevant laws and regulations, general correlation shall be followed.

11. Precautions

This product is a product that deposits digital assets and is exposed to the risk of fluctuations in the value of the corresponding digital assets. As a result, a loss of principal based on the value converted into fiat currency may occur, and the loss shall be attributed to the client.


These terms and conditions are effective from 31 October 2023.

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