(Guide) How to Terminate Earn
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This is the Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

Earn can be fully or partially terminated.

Applications for termination submitted by 23:00(SGT) every Thursday are consolidated and terminated at 14:00(SGT) on Friday.

The terminated Digital Assets are paid into your Heybit Wallet, and you can check the deposit details in your Heybit Wallet.


  • Profits for the terminated amount are calculated on a daily basis and paid to Earn on the following Monday.

  • Termination requests can be canceled until 23:00(SGT) on Thursday.

  • After the termination is complete, Digital Assets deposited into the account can be withdrawn through a separate process.

Step 1.

After logging into Heybit, click on your account at the top right corner, then follow the sequence: Investment Overview > Earn > Click on the asset you wish to use in order.

Step 2.
Click on the deposit product you wish to terminate, and then click on the "THREE POINTS" button at the top right.

Step 3.
Please click on "Request for Withdrawal"

Step 4.
After entering the amount you wish to terminate, please click on the "Withdrawal Request" button.

Step 5.
Please carefully read the notes and click "Confirm."

You can check the "Pending Termination" status and the scheduled termination date. You can also view the details through the termination application details in Step 3.

Notice>> You can also cancel an already submitted request.

If you wish to withdraw the amount that has been terminated, please refer to the guide below.

For further assistance or inquiries, 💡 Contact Our Support Team >

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