What is "HAI10"?
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Overview: HAI10

- Target :
the investors who want to bet solely on the profitability of long-term altcoin market cap increases.

- Portfolio :
focusing solely on investing in the top 10 altcoins by market cap.

- Characteristic :
involves very high risk, but it also focuses on capturing the diverse opportunities in the altcoin market, which has the potential for very high returns in the long term!

- Benefit :
Start now and get a permanent waiver of management fees!

What is Beta?

Beta investing refers to investments that follow the overall market rather than specific assets, sometimes referred to as index or passive investing.

Beta is a term used to represent the returns earned by following the volatility (return/risk) of a market, rather than specific assets. It is associated with index or passive investing because it simply follows the market or an indexed representation of it. A good example is the S&P 500 index.

*On the other hand, active investing aims to outperform market returns through active management, and the profits obtained through this are referred to as active return or 'alpha'. This often involves investing in specific assets rather than the entire market, requiring extensive research and efforts, and thus typically has higher fees compared to passive investing. However, it typically shows stable returns with lower risk.

In the case of beta, while there may be high volatility, thus risk, this also means there could potentially be high returns, especially in scenarios where overall market growth is anticipated. Since it does not focus on a limited number of specific assets, it is advantageous in capturing opportunities broadly in a strong bull market.

Why Heybit's Beta Strategy!?

Signs of an Imminent Bull Market?

According to key figures and institutions in the industry, a series of recent phenomena are being viewed as positive signs that the cryptocurrency market is nearing the entry into a bull market.

  • Increase in Market Cap: The report indicates that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has increased by 110% compared to last year, reaching about $870 billion. Particularly in the fourth quarter, there was a rise of about 55%, amounting to $596 billion. This strong growth is a typical signal of a bull market, indicating increased investor confidence and capital inflow into the cryptocurrency market.

  • Recovery in the Supply of Stablecoins: For the first time since the first quarter of 2022, the supply of the top five stablecoins has turned positive. This reversal in the supply trend of stablecoins signifies market stability and the restoration of trust, considered as a signal of a sustained growth period in the broader cryptocurrency market.

  • Recovery in the NFT and DeFi Sectors: The NFT and DeFi sectors have also shown signs of recovery recently. The NFT market has made a remarkable rebound after months of decline, with trading volumes almost increasing by 200% in November. This recovery was led by the Bitcoin network, particularly through ordinals, with NFT transactions exceeding those on Ethereum.

Meanwhile, according to Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest,

  1. The Effect of Bitcoin Halving: Bitcoin halving occurs approximately every four years, reducing the mining rewards by half. This slows down the supply of new bitcoins, creating a supply reduction effect. Historically, Bitcoin prices have shown significant increases following halvings. For example, after the halvings in 2012 and 2016, Bitcoin prices surged within a few months. This pattern can create expectations that the market price will rise when limited supply exceeds demand.

  2. Impact of Spot ETF Approval: The approval of spot-based Bitcoin ETFs increases accessibility to cryptocurrencies for a broader base of investors. ETFs are traded in the conventional stock market, making them more familiar to traditional investors, thereby lowering the investment barriers into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The approval of spot ETFs can facilitate the entry of more institutional and individual investors into the Bitcoin market, potentially driving up demand and price.

The volatility and regulatory uncertainty of the cryptocurrency market can act as significant obstacles affecting market stability and investor confidence, thus requiring continued caution and observation. However, recent developments like the ones mentioned above are attracting retail and institutional investors back to the cryptocurrency market, increasing expectations of a bull market. This creates a favorable backdrop for beta investments, which invest across the market.

Advantages of Beta Strategy

Advantage #1> Expectation for High Long-term Return

You can expect a return rate higher than that of Bitcoin.

  • Assuming that the overall cryptocurrency market will rise in the long term

Backtest results (2021 ~ 2023)




















  1. MDD (Maximum Drawdown): MDD is an indicator that shows how much the value of an investment portfolio or a specific asset has dropped from its peak to its lowest point. It is used to measure the riskiness of an investment, and a higher number indicates greater risk.

  2. CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate): CAGR is a metric that indicates how much the value of an investment has grown on average each year over a certain period.

Advantage #2> Convenient Portfolio Management

The portfolio rebalancing is done automatically once a day, and you can respond to market changes without continuous market monitoring.

Join now and we'll permanently waive the management fee!

Comparison by Product

HMI 12


HAI 10


Heybit Market Index 12

Heybit Market + Alt Index 12

Heybit Alt Index 10

For who?

[Stable Cryptocurrency Investor]

Views the long-term prospects of Bitcoin and Ethereum positively but wants to enhance profitability in bull markets by incorporating a small amount of altcoins.

[High Return/Risk Seeking Cryptocurrency Investor]

Aims to enjoy the high profitability of altcoins in bull markets by holding a 50/50 split of Bitcoin/Ethereum and altcoins, thus mitigating the high volatility associated with 100% altcoin holding.

[Ultra High Return/Risk Seeking Cryptocurrency Investor]

Strongly believes in the long-term profitability of altcoins despite high risk, but is uncertain about which altcoins to invest in and how much.


According to Binance futures listing criteria, the top 12 coins by market cap.

According to Binance futures listing criteria, the top 12 coins by market cap.

In the case of the top 12 coins by market cap based on Binance futures listing criteria, the allocation changes if Ethereum ranks third in market cap, focusing on the 10 coins excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Asset Allocation

Market Cap-Based Allocation

50% of the portfolio is allocated to Bitcoin and Ethereum based on their market caps, and the remaining 50% is allocated to the other 10 coins based on their market caps.

Allocation is based on market cap, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Volatility (Return & Risk)


Very high

Very very high

Details of Product Use

  • Target Exchange: Binance Futures Market

  • Rebalancing period: Daily

  • Recommended Investment Amount: More than 4,000 USDT

  • Minimum Investment Amount: 1,000 USDT

    • When operated with smaller amounts, appropriate proportions may not be achieved due to minimum trade units.

  • Contract Duration: 180 days

  • Management Fee: 1% of the deposit amount upfront (Permanent waiver for users joining during the event period)

  • Performance Fee: 10% of the profits, charged at the end of a 6-month contract

    • Imposed at the end of the contract period or upon early termination.

  • Early Termination Fee: 0%

Closing Remarks

With the current Bitcoin halving and the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs
underway, many experts interpret these events as significant signals leading to a real bull market in the cryptocurrency sector.

Indeed, no one can guarantee whether a bull market will arrive or how long it will last. However, if these interpretations are correct, it could be an excellent opportunity to bet on the overall growth of the cryptocurrency market. In such a promising time, why not start investing more easily and efficiently with Heybit’s Beta strategy?

Start investing now and enjoy the benefits of a permanent waiver on man

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