Complaints are a valuable form of feedback and help us to make sure that we get things right next time round

If you have a complaint about our service, please contact the Patient Experience team through the 'help' button in the app or email

You can also call us on 01928 761015.

Our opening hours are 9am-6pm Monday - Friday.

We'll respond to your complaint within 24 working hours and your complaint will be resolved within ten days.

The process we have in place complies with the Local Authority Social Services and NHS Complaints Regulations 2009.

These arrangements must ensure:

  • complaints are dealt with efficiently;

  • complaints are properly investigated;

  • complainants are treated with respect and courtesy;

  • complainants receive a timely and appropriate response; assistance to enable them to understand the procedure in relation to complaints; or advice on where they may obtain such assistance;

  • complainants are told the outcome of the investigation of their complaint; and

  • action is taken if necessary in the light of the outcome of the complaint.

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