If you have an NHS repeat prescription from a GP in England, you can order and manage it through Hey Pharmacist.

The quickest way to get started with Hey Pharmacist is by registering for an NHS login account. NHS login is the most secure way to connect to your NHS record and protects your information.

Registering with NHS login

You can do this through the Hey Pharmacist app or on the website by clicking here.

To prove who you are the NHS will ask for:

  • confirmation of your email address and mobile number

  • an image of your photo I.D (e.g. passport or driving licence)

  • a short facial recognition or video of you to verify your photo I.D

Registering with online codes

You can do this through the Hey Pharmacist app.

You'll just need to ask your GP for online codes for third party services. These are:

  • linkage key (or passphrase)

  • Account ID

  • ODS code (or practice ID/Organistation code)

They're usually printed out for you or the GP surgery will send them via email.

Ordering for someone else

Please see our 'Can I order for someone else?' article that gives more information on this.

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