Hi5's Recognition Dashboard

The Recognition Dashboard is where you'll find all of your company's recognition data. Find out who's giving and receiving the most Hi5's, whose Hi5's are being backed the most and much, much more.

Step 1

Go  Reports under My Company or simply click here.

Step 2

Click on Recognition Dashboard.

Here, you will be able to see who received the most Hi5's. You can also see who has given the most Hi5's and who has the most backed Hi5's.

You can filter these stats by time period, Departments, Roles and Offices. This is an easy way to see company engagement, choose a Hi5 to crown or an employee of the month to reward!

Step 3

In the Hi5's Received tab, click on any user's profile to get a detailed view of what their co-workers are saying on the Hi5 Wall of Fame:

In Hi5's Given, clicking on a user's profile will bring up what that particular employee has been saying about their co-workers.

On the left you can view which specific Hi5's have been backed the most. 

Step 4: View Hi5 Details

Click on View More in Hi5's Received or Hi5's Given to see your stats in table form.

Click on the CSV icon to download a CSV report of the table.

Click on Details next to a user's name if you'd like to view the Hi5's they've given (or received).  

After clicking Details, and viewing a particular user's Hi5's, you can download their Hi5's in the form of a CSV or a PDF report. 

Step 5: View Backed Hi5's

Click on View More in the Hi5's that were Backed the most section. 

Click on the CSV and PDF icons to get reports of your company's Backed Hi5's.

For more information on how to Hi5 your co-workers, check out this article.

Not sure what backing is? See this article to find out. 

Step 6: View Recognition Insights

To access Recognition Insights from the Recognition Dashboard, click on the View Hi5 Insights button.

Recognition Insights allow you measure Hi5's by day of the week, values and  time of day. You can also view differences between how Employees give recognition vs how  Admins and Line Managers give recognition. 

Use the filters at the top of the page to compare insights by time period, department, role & office.

For more information on Hi5's Recognition Insights, check out this comprehensive article.

How to pull a Hi5'er of the Month Poster

Step 1

Click on the Total Crowned Hi5's button.

This will pull up an alphabetical list of all the crowned Employees in your company.

Note: Use the time period filter to target Employees who were crowned at specific times.

Step 2

Click on Open PDF next to the name of the relevant Employee.

This will generate a sleek poster that you can print off and hang up on your premises. Better yet, save a tree and email it out to the rest of the Employees in your company!

Need more information on Crowning? Here's a quick guide on how to do it.

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