Crown a Hi5

A co-worker receives a great Hi5 and you, the Admin, have decided to reward them. Keep the recognition snowball rolling! Crown their Hi5 to show the company what an awesome employee they are!

Step 1

On the Hi5 Wall of Fame, browse for a Hi5 you would like to crown. Hover over the three dots in the top right corner of the Hi5 you've selected. You'll be given the option to Crown, or Delete it. Click on Crown

Step 2

You'll be prompted to confirm your decision. Click YES

You will now see the Crown icon in full colour in the top left corner of the Hi5. Everyone in the company will see this on the Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Uncrown a Hi5: 

In the rare occasion that you might want to uncrown a Hi5, you can follow the same steps as above to remove the crown.

Note: Crowned Hi5's can still be backed! Normal rules apply: you can't back your own Hi5, or any Hi5's from a previous month. Check out this article to learn how to back a Hi5.

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