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Below is a table showing what you have access to as an Admin, Line Manager and Employee:

  • Admin: Has all access and edit rights, as they manage the company account and all its users. See Getting Started: Admins for more info.
    Note: A company can have more than one Admin.
  • Line Manager: Has view access to the co-workers they lead specifically, to enable the Line Manager to report to the Admin. See Getting Started: Line Managers for more info.
    Note: Line Managers can also have Line Managers assigned to them, effectively creating a delegation structure. Admins can also be Line Managers.
  • Employee: Can edit their own Profile and view their own information, like Hi5's given/received and ratings (based on the Company's subscription and the Settings configured by Admin). They are also able to search for their co-workers' contact information using People. See Getting Started for more info.

What the Employee sees vs. what the Admin/Line Manager sees:

1. Dashboard

2. Ratings

3. Profile

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