The Awesome Meter and Recognition Insights

These two info boxes serve as a quick and easy way to get a general overview of your activities on Hi5. You'll find them on your Hi5 Wall of Fame, just beneath your profile picture and your daily quote.

Recognition Insights

Recognition Insights keep track of the number of Hi5's you've given in the current month, as well as an average measure of how much recognition is being given in your company, compared to companies across the rest of the world. 

It's a nice way to make sure you stay ahead of the pack and give more recognition than the average user 😉.

The Awesome Meter

The Hi5 Awesome Meter measures your activity on Hi5, as well as your profile completeness, so that you can have a quick glance at how awesome you are every month! 🙌

The Awesome Meter helps you gauge:


  • Have you given at least 5 Hi5's in the current month? 

(Note: If your company is on a paid subscription, the first person in the company to give 5 Hi5's, as well as the first person to receive 10 Hi5's will receive a Zapper voucher, which can be redeemed at any Zapper merchant.)

Completed Ratings

Profile Completion

Every time you complete an item on the Awesome Meter, you'll get a little green tick to show what you've achieved. Keep your Awesome Meter topped up to ensure you stay awesome!

Need a little more info on how to navigate your Wall of Fame? Check out this comprehensive article

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