Tagging multiple co-workers in a Hi5

It's super easy and powerful to Hi5 a team! Giving a Hi5 to a group of co-workers only takes 1 of your Hi5's for the week, but gives each team member 1 Hi5

Important: team Hi5's are only available on Desktop.

Step 1

Click on the Hand icon to start a Hi5.

Step 2

Start your Hi5 by choosing the first team member you'd like to include in your Team Hi5.

Step 3

Add your Hi5 reason, media and values as per normal. Under the More Options heading on the right, click on the Tag co-workers button to choose the other team members to be included in this Hi5.

Step 4

Once you're done and happy with how you've crafted your Hi5, you can click on the Send Hi5 button. Click YES to confirm.

Now you will be able to see on the Hi5 Wall of Fame when multiple co-workers have been given a Team Hi5! Hover over the number of team members on the Hi5 to see their names.

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