Compliance Training

The compliance training tool allows administrators to add lessons that need to be completed by the entire organization to a centralized group in a way that simplifies the user management and allows them to easily see what users have completed the required training and what users need to be reminded that it needs to be completed.

Lessons assigned here will be given to the entire organization and allows for quicker assignment of materials everyone needs to view.

How to use the compliance group

To begin, head to the groups page

Here, you will see your organizations compliance group at the top of the groups list.

Select the Compliance Group by clicking on its name under the group name column.
This will take you to the Compliance group page. From here you can assign lessons that will be available to all users in your organization.

From here select the lessons you would like to assign then pick a start date and time, then the lesson will be assigned to the entire compliance group.

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