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Increasing learner engagement
Increasing learner engagement

tips for how to improve learner engagement

Written by Connor Crezee
Updated over a week ago

Increasing learner engagement can be key to finding success in training. To begin, set aside a set amount of time each day, at the same time each day, for users to complete their Hickory lessons.

Make sure you make users who are true managers actual Managers in Hickory (and not Admins), so that they can see their teams, and you get “manager buy-in” so they see how important it is for their team to take their Hickory. Otherwise if they’re Admins, they log in and see the information for all users and their eyes glaze over and they log out because they can’t see their team right away.

Develop a cadence of lesson rollouts, so that learners begin to expect lessons at certain times. This consistency will allow them to get used to Hickory and it’ll become a part of their routine.

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