To enable Slack integration, first login as an Owner of your account and access the organization settings page.

From there, scroll down to the “Integrations” section. In this section you will find various integrations that can be configured, among them being our Slack integration. Click the Slack Icon to configure the integration.

You will be redirected to an authorization page within Slack. If you are not an admin for your organization’s Slack account you will need to share the authorization link with someone who is, or have initiate this process in Hickory.

To allow the Hickory app authorization you will first have to choose a Slack channel (or channels) from where the Hickory integration can post. It will be in this channel that new users will first be able to request access to enroll in Hickory Slack updates, so we recommend a public channel like #general - though any channel is supported.

Once configured, click “Allow” to complete the authorization. This will redirect you to the organization settings page in Hickory.

As a final bit of setup, go into your company’s Slack, navigate to the channel selected above, and invite the @Hickory bot to that channel.

To do this, type “/invite @Hickory” into the box you typically use when typing Slack messages. This will allow any user to fully interact with the @Hickory bot.

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