Finding Courses
To get us started, courses can be found in their own tab, just between groups and lessons.

Course Creation
Once you are in the Courses tab, you will be able to view any other courses in your organization. This is also where new courses can be created, by clicking the "Create Course" button.

The "Create Course" button will bring up the Course Creation Screen. From here, you will be able to set the name of the course, as well as pick or create the first lesson of the course.

After naming your course and selecting the first lesson of the course, you will be able to click create, and have your first course ready to customize!

Managing Courses
After creating your first course, you will likely wish to add more lessons and further customize your creation. This can be done by accessing the course management screen. This screen can be accessed in two ways. The first path to this screen, is through creating a new course. If you are following the steps above, then just after clicking the green "Create" button on the Course Creation screen, you will be taken to the Course Management screen. The Course Management screen can also be accessed by selecting the course tab, the clicking "View Course" option on the Course you wish to manage.

After accessing the Course Management screen, there are a few options on what you can do from here. If you would like to either delete, rename, set a description, or change the cover photo on the course, this can be done by clicking the "Course Actions" drop down.

If you would like to add more lessons to your course, this can be done by clicking the "Add" drop down menu. From here, you will be able to add any existing lessons to your course, or create any of the available lesson types specifically for this course.

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