Course Cover Photos
Each course will have a cover photo setting the theme of the course. Images can be added to each course from several sources. These can be found by accessing the "Course Actions" drop down, then selecting "Update Cover Photo".

Default Cover Photos

To make things easy, we provide some great default options. When a course is newly created it will have one of the default header images chosen for it at random, but you can always pick and choose a different color to match your tastes.

Upload your Own Cover Photos

In addition to a stock selection of images, we also allow you to upload your own. Images will automatically be cropped to best fit the screen, so all you have to worry about is choosing the photo you think best matches the theme of your course.

Pexels Cover Photo Library

Last, but not least, is perhaps our most powerful option. We've integrated directly with Pexels to bring their wonderful collection of royalty free stock photos. With a simple search, and over two million images to choose from, you're bound to find something to set the mood for your course.

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