Before we get started, lets quickly go over the available lesson statuses, and what each one means.

Active- A lessons that is in the active status means that learners have taken the lessons and received a score.

Published- A lesson that has been published is ready to be assigned to a group or has been assigned to a group, but not yet completed by any learners.

Draft- Draft lessons are only viewable by admins and writers as these lessons are not yet complete yet. Lessons in this status are not available to be scheduled or added to groups. If the draft is of a previous lesson, the previous lesson will remain active until the new draft is published.

Now that we have touched on Lesson statues, we can get into how to use this tool!
To begin, find the lesson that you would like to work on a new version for. Once you find your lesson, click the menu under the actions column.

From this menu, click the edit button to be taken into the lesson editor. If this lesson is already scheduled for learners, you will be prompted to confirm you understand you are creating a new draft of the lesson.

Now that we are in the lesson editor for this lesson, feel free to change whatever you like, including adding or removing cards. Once you are happy with the changes you have made, you will notice the "Publish" button on the left side of the screen, under the lesson name. After you click publish, the updated lesson will be ready to be assigned to groups and taken by learners!

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