Smart Groups
To get us started, you will first need to convert a regular group into a smart group. This can be done by first locating the group you would like to convert, then selecting the actions menu and selecting convert to smart group.

The key feature to smart groups is the introduction of groups generated based on criteria set in the new tab found on the groups page for groups that have been converted to smart groups. This criteria can be customized to suit the specific needs of the group being created. The customization can be accessed by first converting the group to a smart group, then visiting the "Criteria" tab.

Learners can be automatically added to a group based on the amount of time passed since the user was created, after a certain score has been achieved on a given lesson, as well as created based on tags assigned to the user account.

Criteria Examples
In our first example, if we wanted to have anyone account that has been active in Hickory for longer then 3 months, we could add a criteria that automatically adds any account created more then 90 days ago. First, select the criteria "... after user joins Hickory" then enter "90" into the text box.

In our next example, lets say we have a lesson that once each learner achieves a perfect score of 100% on, then 3 days later, we want them to be added to the group. This can be done by using the "... after the user completes a certain lesson" criteria, and adding "3" days into the first box, selecting a lesson from the drop down menu in the second box, and finally adding a "100" into the final box.

In our last example, lets say that we have created a tag and added it to each user that was onboarded in March, and we want to create a group based on all of these users. Here, we would select "if a user has a certain tag" in the criteria drop down, then select the tag from the drop down menu.

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