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How to add event to Calendar
How to add event to Calendar

There are some options to add events to Hirebee calendar

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There are 3 options and different types of adding events to the Hirebee calendar.

  1. When you change the applicant's status - you can add an interview invitation. (you can also set "add to calendar" in workflow settings, so calendar will be selected by default).

  2. You can add to the calendar without changing the applicant's status - just click on Add to Calendar in the applicant profile. In this case, you will send an invitation for a meeting to the candidate.

  3. You can add a reminder - in this case, there will be no email for the candidate. Just click on Add a reminder from the applicant's profile.

When you create an event you should fill in some information:

  • Title (by default there will be Stage name + candidate name, but you can edit this)

  • Date, time zone, time and duration

  • Address

  • Description

  • Interviews - your team members

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