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Hirebee provides opportunity to left a feedback about the candidate

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You can left a feedback after interview and you and your team members (who have according permissions) will see it.

To give a feedback you need to:

  1. Open Candidate profile

  2. Click on Feedback tab

  3. Click on Add feedback

Then you will be able to add a feedback, fill all needed fields and click Save

Then You and your team members could see feedback, with information about:

  • Given by - who added this feedback

  • User role - the role of user who added feedback

  • Date created - date when feedback was added

  • Applicant status - stage on which was applicant when he received this feedback

  • And accordingly Feedback

Every user can give a few different feedback using feedback forms.

You can download feedback in PDF, and also have every feedback of applicants by CVS.

From the Posted Jobs page you can have all the feedback of that particular job by CVS.

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