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Creating Surveys
Creating Surveys

With Hirebee you can create Surveys for different groups

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In the Create surveys section, you can create surveys in two ways: using the Hirebee database option or Upload your email list, which allows you to download up to 1000 emails and create or select the surveys you have already created to send them to people outside of the Hirebee platform.

Using the Use hirebee database option, you can create separate requests for the following groups:

  • Applicants,

  • Groups,

  • Team Members:

It is necessary to select Survey Title, and Recipients, and select one of the already created survey forms from your Survey field. If you don't have ready-made options, you can use the Create Survey Form button in the lower right corner to create a Survey option consisting of any of your questions.

Note: All Surveys are credit-based, which means that you will have different counts of credits to use for each package. After using all the credits you can get more from the Pricing page.

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