Hirebee provides built-in mailbox to contact with candidates

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To open the mailbox just click on the Mailbox icon.

The mailbox section allows you to use it as an email without leaving the platform. In the section you can see the emails you have sent to different applicants, you can create and send emails. The section is very similar to Gmail and is very easy to use.

The Navigation section of Mailbox consists of the following buttons։

  • Compose mail

  • Inbox

  • Favorites

  • Sent mail

  • Scheduled emails

  • Undelivered

  • Spam

  • Trash

These buttons are intended for the following actions.

  • With Compose mail, you can create and send emails just like Gmail.

  • In the Inbox, you will see all the emails sent to you.

  • The Favorites section lists the emails that you have selected from the entire list of emails. To make any letter a Favorite, you just need to select the Star button on the left side of the letter with the mouse and click on it. This step will make it easier for you to find your lost emails.

  • Sent mail shows all sent emails.

  • In the scheduled emails section you can see all the emails you scheduled for a specific time to be sent to your applicants. You can create an event/interview with an applicant and schedule it for your preferred date and time.

    Note: You can’t cancel the email if there are 10 minutes left for it to be sent.

  • The Undelivered section allows you to see all the emails that had problems while sending and did not reach the addressee. Such a problem can occur if, for example, the addressee's email is written incorrectly. If possible, there will be a button called Resend, which will allow you to send the email again.

  • Spam contains the emails sent to you, which caused certain problems while sending, such as, for example, advertising emails sent many times, which you never opened and were interested in.

  • You can select the Trash section yourself and send emails that you no longer need.

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