Looking at how to add your first role, or need a refresher on adding roles?

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  1. Select the blue button labeled ADD ROLE on the left-hand side of the project information box.

  2. Fill out the following fields.Role Title/Character NameDescriptionCityUnion status of the roleExpiration/Auto-Pause DateAge Appearance Range PreferenceGender Preference

  3. Fill out any optional fields that apply to this roleArtistic Ethnic Appearance PreferenceDo you have a picture of what this character should look likeIs it a Paid JobWould you like to accept video or audio auditions?  Can't be both.Rush Call (for roles auditioning or performing in the next 36 hours)Audition Date(s)Shoot Performance Date(s)Would you like to accept talent submissions from other Casting Calls America Sites? (only available for paid roles accepting video or audio auditions)

  4. Then select either the green "Submit" button, to submit your role to our team for review; or the blue "Save for Later" button to save as a draft.

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