Some important things to know:

  • Adding a manager feature is primarily designed for parents to control their children’s accounts and for agents to control their client’s accounts.

  • The assigned manager must already have a talent/performer account on the site in order for them to be assigned to manage another account. If an agent, the agent must have a registered agent account (see Agent Account below).

  • There is no fee for the management feature, but each account must be subscribed separately in order or submissions to be sent. So long as the managing account has paid the one-time activation fee, there will be NO ACTIVATION FEE REQUIRED for managed accounts under them. 

  • Once a manager/agent has been assigned, emails will no longer be sent to the accounts the main email when roles become available. All notices will be sent to the manager/agent. The role can still be viewed by logging in to the managed account direct and viewing the dashboard. 

  • Either the manager/agent or the managed account (by logging in) can cancel or “detach” management at any time.

To add a manager to your account first ensure they already have a confirmed performer/talent account. To add a manager/agent go to the “Account” section of the menu (located in the top right corner).  There you will find the “Management Controls” section with the entry box to “ATTACH A MANAGER TO YOUR ACCOUNT.” 

To add your manager/agent, simply type in the email address associated with their account and select “Save.” This will send an automated verification email asking for the owner of that email to confirm they wish to take over the management of that account.

Once the assigned manager receives the verification-to-manage email and selects the link from the email to verify acceptance of management, the account is now “managed.”

Once an account is managed, all notices for open roles and submission requests will go directly to the assigned manager’s email. The original owner of the account can always login directly, via their original email and password, and look up available roles in the dashboard. The assigned manager is unable to see or change your existing password or other settings.

For managers, after at least one account is verified as being managed, a new dashboard option will appear in the menu dropdown entitled “Management Dashboard.” 

From here, a manager can view the accounts they have under management, the number of currently available roles for each managed account, and the “Control” option to review the available roles and submit acting as the managed account. Once a manager selects “Control” they see the dashboard of the managed account as if they were them. 

Managers can do most anything the original performer account holder can do including:
Review the role availability dashboard and view the roles.

  • Submit or submit with notes to any available role (if subscribed). 

  • Edit the performer profile, including photos, availability, etc.  

  • Managers are NOT able to change the account settings such as email, name and other such account specific items.

Agent accounts are management only accounts that do not have to be set-up as a performer account first. Only

Casting Calls America LLC approved agents are able to use this feature.

CLICK HERE To request an agent account.

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