When you create a custom exercise or edit an existing exercise you will find a set of elements you can add in order to tailor the exercise to your needs. These are the elements you can add:

  • Text area: perfect for asking questions. Text areas allow you to apply format to your text such as links, bold, italic, etc... learn more here.

  • Quote: you can use this element to capture a quote or statement.

  • Bulleted list: allows you to create a simple bulleted list.

  • Numbered list: create a list with numbering.

  • Slider: add a slider that includes a progressive numbering from 0 to 100.

  • Priority slider: this slider includes 3 customisable levels (left, center or right).

  • Tags: ideal for creating lists that don’t have any specific order or priority.

  • File upload: give the option to upload multiple files with this element.

  • Toggle switch: the classic on/off switch.

  • Binary options: choose between 3 options: left, center or right.

  • Single choice: respondents can select only one option.

  • Multiple choice: respondents can select more than one option

  • Image cards: visual cards that allow single or multiple selection. Includes an image and optional title and description.

We are constantly working on new elements, if you have suggestions please get in touch and let us know what elements you would like to add to your exercises.

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