The storyboard, the different elements in the storyboard and how to use the storyboard

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What is the storyboard?

The Storyboard is an overview of all the scenes and actions in your hololink. It’s a visual overview of the journey the users of your hololink will go through.

What are the different elements in the storyboard?

  • The squares are the scenes. Click the hamburger menu on each scene to duplicate or delete the scene or to change which scene is your starting scene.

  • The small sign saying Start tells you which scene is currently the starting scene, meaning the first scene that will be shown to the user. If you delete that scene, another scene will automatically be assigned to be the starting scene.

  • The arrows between the scenes tell you which type of action leads between the scenes. These can be object clicks, button clicks, animation-, video- or audio-end or a timer. Click and drag an arrow if you want to make the action lead to another scene.

  • You can add a new scene by clicking the + in the upper left hand corner.

  • You can zoom in and out in the storyboard and pan left, right, up and down using your mouse or trackpad. To center the scenes again, simply click the round arrow button in the upper left hand corner.

  • Rename or edit the name of a scene by clicking the name.

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