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What are the Triggers and Events?
What are the Triggers and Events?

What is an automatic trigger and how do you add one to your Hololink?

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What is a Trigger or Event?

A trigger or event is an automatic action that is triggered by something other than user input. Automatic actions can be triggered by:

  • The ending of an audio file, a video or an animation

  • The ending of a timer

This means that when the audio, video or animation has played, or when the timer has finished, the scene will automatically change.

Why should I add a Trigger?

Triggers are useful for when you want to create scenes that automatically send users to a new scene when a part of the experience is over. In this way you don't have to ask users to click or tap every time you want them to move forward, which helps you create a better user-flow.

Where can I add a Trigger?

When you are in a scene, you simply choose triggers and events and decide which one you want to use.

You will see which triggers are available, as the ones that cannot be used in the current scene are greyed out.

Adding a Trigger

  1. In the scene pictured above, there is an animated model, a video and some audio. Choose which one you want to use as your trigger.

  2. Click the relevant icon.

  3. Choose the trigger and the scene that it leads to.

  4. You can see some examples below.

Adding a Trigger when a Video Ends:

Adding a Trigger when an Animation Ends:

Adding a timer as a Trigger:

You can see your triggers in the storyboard, marked as a dashed line, with the trigger type written on it:

All in all, triggers and events can be a valuable tool when working with your Hololinks.

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